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Accepted HTML tags


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Accepted HTML tags



Line break

 <cite>Citation or foreign language</cite>







Horizontal rule


  • A row of a list. Use in conjunction with <ul>..</ul> or <ol>..</ol>

  •  <ol>
    1. <li>Ordered list
    2. <li>Records may be started with <li>


    Paragraph break



     <s>Strike through</s>




     <tt>Fixed width letters</tt>


    • <li>Unordered list
    • <li>Records may be started with <li>
    Unmentioned HTML tags will be eliminated.

    Several characters have their special meaning. To use them as a symbol, they should be placed in a text as sequence of characters:

    1. - character (print-out)
    2. - representation of the charecter in HTML
    3. - meaning of the character
    |1| 2.     | 3.                             |
    ||&ndash; | En dash
    |<|&lt;    | a less-than
    ||&mdash; | long dash
    |>|&gt;    | a greater-than
    |&|&amp;   | an ampersand
    | |&nbsp;  | a non-breaking space

    Some tags are accepted but replaced with similar tags:

     <code>Fixed width letters</code>

     <del>Strike through</del>








     <kbd>Fixed width letters</kbd>

     <strike>Strike through</strike>


    Several Smileys wiil be converted to images:

      =) :-)   :)   =)   =]   :D
      8) 8-)
      ;) ;-)   ;)
      =8–O =8-O   8-O
      8o :-o   :o   8-o
      :p :P   =P   :-P   :p   =p   :-p
      :( :-(   :(   :-\   :-/
      :l :l   :-l   8-l   8-\\

    The tag <,a href=..>, is not allowed. Nevertheless URL is recognized in the text, e.g., http://www.daba.lv/.


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