Ramalina  thrausta (Ach.) Nyl.
Status of species A rare species. Registered in the Red Data Books of Sweden and Estonia and in the Lists of endangered lichens species in Finland, Germany, Austria and Poland.
Distribution Rare, mainly in the central and western parts of Latvia.
Habitat An epiphytic lichen growing on conifers in mixed forests, particularly on spruce branches.
Occurance Singly specimens occur.
Reproduction By soredia.
Changes in number and distribution First indications in Latvia were in 1870 (A. Bruttan), no locality mentioned, in Alla¾i (A. Piterąns, 1965). It is negatively affected by changes in biotopes and environmental pollution.
Existing protection Localities are known in Slļtere reserve. Red Data Book of Latvia, 1992.
Suggestions for study Lichen biology and dynamics of population development should be studied. Its distribution should be defined.
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