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The script v.:6.05.13. is used for creating image galleries.

At least three different versions of an image is available – normal size, small and tiny. For overview the small and tiny images are used. Additional versions of the image is accepted. Special icons points to these versions.

IconExplanation. Expected result

/Home page. The given image gallery belongs to this Home page
[*]First page of the album. Base page of the given image gallery
[..]Parent directory. Parent directory
/...Subdirectories. There are subdirectories in current directory. Click to locate there names
Your comments. Form for comments, sugestions and questions
the Guest Book. A Guest Book linked with this image gallery. A place where you can submit your comments and questions
?Search the Home page. The home page's Search engine.
Languages. Translations are available for this photo collection.

Next/Previous. Next or previous page or image
[img + txt]Small images with descriptions. Images preview as one page
[.]Icon view of the directory. Images' thumbnail preview (divided into one or more pages)
[]Base image. Monitor quality Image
For printingFor printing.

!Horizontal view. Additional text is available. The linked page is suitable for printouts
!Better image. Better quality image is available
!!High quality image. High quality image is available.
*Animation. Animation based on given image (or image sequence).
[!]Image Map is used. Additional tips and links included. Glide the cursor over the image.
There exists several other formats of the given image. Some of the files are compressed to save space and/or to group linked files
zipCompressed Compressed file. (*.7z)
aiAdobe Ilustrator. (*.ai)
aiCompressed Adobe Ilustrator. (*.ai.7z)
aiCompressed Adobe Ilustrator. (*
ogvVideo. (*.avi)
uncompressedBitmap. (*.bmp)
cdrCorelDraw. (*.cdr)
cdrCompressed CorelDraw. (*.cdr.7z)
cdrCompressed CorelDraw. (*
covCompressed Arc/Info Coverage (ESRI). (*.cov.7z)
covCompressed Arc/Info Coverage (ESRI). (*
dgnCompressed Microstation. (*.dgn.7z)
dgnCompressed Microstation. (*
dxfCompressed CAD. (*.dxf.7z)
dxfCompressed CAD. (*
epsCompressed Encapsulated PostScript. (*.eps.7z)
epsCompressed Encapsulated PostScript. (*
GPSGarmin GPS. (*.IMG.exe)
htmlHTML. (*.htm)
htmlHTML. (*.html)
icoWindows Icon file. (*.ico)
KMZKeyhole Markup Language. (*.kml)
KMZKeyhole Markup Language. (*.kmz)
mifCompressed MapInfo Interchange format. (*.mif.7z)
mifCompressed MapInfo Interchange format. (*
ogvVideo. (*.mov)
odgOpenDocument drawing. (*.odg)
odpOpenDocument presentation. (*.odp)
ogvVideo. (*.ogv)
pdfAdobe Acrobat. (*.pdf)
shpCompressed Arc/Info Shape file (ESRI). (*
shpCompressed Arc/Info Shape file (ESRI). (*.shp.7z)
swgScalable Vector Graphic. (*.svg)
swfMacromedia Flash. (*.swf)
sxdOpenOffice drawing. (*.sxd)
tabCompressed MapInfo Table. (*.tab.7z)
tabCompressed MapInfo Table. (*
ogvVideo. (*.webm)
++++Coordinates (World file). (*.wld)
++++Compressed Coordinates (World file). (*.wld.7z)
++++Compressed Coordinates (World file). (*
GIMPGIMP image. (*.xcf)
GIMPCompressed GIMP image. (*.xcf.7z)
GIMPGIMP image. (*.xcf.bz2)
GIMPCompressed GIMP image. (*
zipCompressed Compressed file. (*.zip)

EditEdit. Link to the description editor of images
IndexGenerating of index files. Generates the index files for the given image gallery

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